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How Much Does a Doula Earn? Expensive luxury or free volunteer?

Neither and Both! There is no easy answer to that question. What a doula earns varies immensely from doula to doula, place to place and time to time. It might also depend of what other revenue streams you have and how you go about your marketing. It certainly isn’t a predictable salary. Here at Developing … Read more

Why Sharing Is Caring, by doula, mother & Doulavator Ruth Pay

I come from a childhood of looking silly; tut, eyeroll, “why are you doing it like that?!”. I come from  16 years in an education system that taught me to follow the rules (even if you’re not sure what they are, definitely when you are not sure why they are). I was taught to always … Read more

Are you a doula who wants all the glory?

PART ONEAre you? It’s ok to admit it. We’re all human and we all just love to be able to help; to have the key that unlocks a problem or be the bearer of good news. Most of us would admit to liking it just a little bit when a client says: If it weren’t for … Read more

Godsibs, Gossip and Social Media

Have you heard the old story about the origins of doulas in the British Isles? We were once the ‘Sisters-in-God’; the village women who bustled around when a new baby was on the way. We would arrive, nattering in a good-natured way, shooing the menfolk out of the house as we tidied, organised, washed, cooked … Read more

Writing for Birthworkers: a workshop with Rebecca Schiller

Why would birthworkers need to write, I hear you ask? Or possibly, you’re already a few steps ahead of me and have already learned of the many and varied reasons doulas and midwives may need to put pen to paper. From articles in academic journals, memos to colleagues, website copy to emails to clients, the … Read more

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