Words from one of our graduates – Daiany Katia Bradley

Back to Basics

It has been a while since I have thought about what to write for my Developing Doula assignment. Like birth, I feel I can`t force things to happen and I understand I need to write about something I resonate and connect with. So this is going to be an openhearted reflection. These are my thoughts and feelings about being a doula.

By giving expression to this process it feels like ”giving birth” to the Doula in me. By being able to express thoughts and feelings about this process, I allow myself to open up a new chapter of supporting other women through their motherhood  journey.

The journey of becoming a doula asks an acceptance of myself as I am right now, in the present moment. By letting go of old patterns and the resistance to love, it is possible to step into a simple place. A natural place, free from limitation,
complexities and the entangled mind. As one can imagine it is much harder to truly support someone if the mind is full of thoughts, judgements and beliefs of right or wrong. The process is a bit like emptying a glass so it can be open and cleared to receive the new… and this ‘new’ we can call the present moment, the only place we can truly listen, be helpful and experience Divine connection. This is what Doula is about: a quality of being rather than ‘doing’, the capacity to be present and to anchor the presence of kindness, acceptance and support in life changing moments.

Being a doula to me is about going back to basics. It is about fully trusting in the simplicity and power of nature. Now the pictures that start to come into my mind are images of ancient tribes and of a life lived naturally in complete harmony with the cycles and rhythms of Nature. I believe that this is something we all miss witnessing in the society we live in. We somehow and somewhere unlearned how to live in equilibrium with everything and everyone around us. Becoming a doula is about returning our thinking to align with our ancient roots. Bringing back that sense of community, cooperating with one another, learning and sharing together.

Being a doula to me is about creating a safe and trusting space where the mother especially feels respected, honoured and supported.

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