Why being a London doula is just a little bit different…

Aimee offers a London doula course.

DD are offering an in-person course in April 2021 in North London, and I get the honour of being your guide for this transformative and nurturing 5 days.

So you are thinking about becoming a birth or post-natal doula and you live or intend to work in London, this might be the course for you!  The syllabus will be the same as it is for all the other DD course, the same amazingly curated content and reflection process.  However there are some unique aspects to working in London as a doula that are different to other parts of the country. 

  • The volume of potential clients is higher here than anywhere else in the country!  Good news for starting your doula business.
  • The doula community in London reflects the population and is diverse mix of all kinds of people.
  • Doulas in London charge some of the highest fees compared to the rest of the country.
  • The doula community is large, and so there is the potential to find your micro tribe within the wider doula community
  • Transport is different in the capital to other parts of the country, and distance travelled for clients maybe different
  • Many doulas who don’t live in London also work in London, those from the HOME counties and even beyond!
  • There is a real mix of different hospitals, and birth settings in the capital and so getting to know your hospitals is different 

I began my doula journey while I was living in Spain, but have done most of my doula-ing in North London, while living in Finsbury Park.  I moved to Finsbury Park in 2012 and was lucky to support my first London doula family who lived in Hackney and were planning a homebirth with the Homerton home birth team.  I have supported many families across North, North West and East London since then in many different hospitals, birth centers and at home.  I was the North London Doula UK rep for 7 years and loved making many contacts across London with the other doulas in all the London areas.  I am now living in Brighton (London by the Sea some say!) and continue to work in London, as a doula, and birth trainer, meditation teacher and Energy-Healer.

I knew I wanted to be a doula during the pregnancy with my daughter (who is now 11) I was so utterly amazed and transformed by the experience I couldn’t believe how our culture relegated this activity to such a second-class status.   For me doula-ing and birth keeping is sacred activism, and is the perfect intersection of all the things I care deeply about, it is holy-work and it is political work.  It is personal and intimate and at the same time has the potential to change our whole social fabric.  If you have a fire in your belly to support new families through pregnancy to the 4th trimester I would love to hear from you.  Contact us to enquire about this course.

2 thoughts on “Why being a London doula is just a little bit different…”

  1. Dear Aimee,
    How lovely to read your bio page. I sent you a message on your Facebook. It may end up in your message requests, so this is just a signpost in case it has. If it’s easier to respond to me via email, please do so.
    Best wishes, Olive.

    • Hi Olive, thanks for your lovely comment. Aimee tells me she’s replied to your message and I look forward to having a chat with you soon. All the best, Maddie x

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