Amazing DDs!

There are amazing things going on out there in the world that are being manifest by Developing Doulas graduates. In one city, an enormous group of mothers have found friendship, freedom to nurse in public and a sense of empowerment – all brought together by one new doula.

Somewhere else in the world, a young woman is blogging about birth and the media.

Elsewhere, one DD has brought all the birthworkers in her county together for friendship and cooperation.

There are many DDs out there supporting breastfeeding – helping at drop-ins, supporting community activism, helping individual mums – all on a voluntary basis, out of love.

I see DDs volunteering to help Doula UK run more efficiently and creatively for the benefit of its members. They are working hard to make sure that Doula UK is an effective voice for doulas in the UK and provides us with mentoring and support.

I see DDs battling with health problems, financial problems, juggling small children and jobs and still making space in their lives for mothers, fathers and babies. Still doulaing with love and care, despite the personal challenges they face.

I see women who came to me convinced they couldn’t do it, self-esteem in their boots, out there doulaing their socks off – and doing a damn fine job!

I see women who didn’t know each other before coming on a doula course offering each other friendship, support, love and laughs.

And I see women do battle with personal demons and win!

Lastly, so many, many DD have become my valued and loved friends, my soul sisters, my red tent cronies! They hold me up when things get tough, provide me with insight, wisdom, practical support and a giggle when it’s needed.

How proud am I of these amazing women! Oh the incredible women I meet! I am so, so blessed.

So to all my amazing DDs….thank you for all you do to change the world, one woman at a time.

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