A new group on the horizon

I love the feeling of anticipation as I gear up to begin a new course and meet a new group of aspiring doulas. They all sound so lovely, passionate and committed to supporting new parents on the phone…but what will they be like in real life?

It can be un-nerving working with a new group – will they see the sense of not talking about birth support at all on the first day? Will there be tears when we debrief from our own experiences? (there always are).

By the end of the first day we’re best of friends but just to reassure any newbies reading this – I’m nervous too! But in a good way.

Nothing worth doing is ever boringly easy; at least I don’t believe it should be. Come expecting to possibly having your cage rattled, your preconceptions challenged and to explore your understanding of what it means to be a doula.

Hopefully, I’ll help you through the transition by doulaing you. So welcome and come on in – the water’s lovely!

4 thoughts on “A new group on the horizon”

  1. Hi
    I wondered whether you could email me through some info’ on your next course?


  2. I wondered if you could recommend some books to read, I’ve spotted Mothering the Mother and will aquire a copy asap but I wondered if there were any more you would recommend, I love to read and this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time having supported my friend and her partner during and for the first few days after the birth of their daughter, such a fantastic experience.
    I’d love to attend a course but there are a few practical issues I need to deal with before I can commit to that, I thought reading would keep me occupied and fascinated in the meantime.
    Kindest Regards

    • Hi Sue, you might like The Doula Book by Klaus and Kennell. I’ve written a book called Wht Doulas Matter published by Pinter & Martin – and there’s a wealth of wonderful books on that publisher’s website too. Happy reading! Maddie x

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