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Birth Trauma Made Me Who I Am

DD Kathryn Hassell blogs for Birth Trauma Aaweness Week about her own struggle with birth trauma. 14 years ago I gave birth to my first baby, aged 21, married and mortgaged and ever so grown up. Sadly I wasn’t as grown up as I expected and I was almost playing house. I wanted a baby. … Read more

The Myth of Equitable Care

Waiter, waiter, I have a fly in my soup! Shhhh, quiet, or everyone else will want one! It can seem just this bizarre as we navigate our way through the maternity journey. With scant resources and staff stretched so thin the system is at breaking point, logic flies out of the window and reason drowns … Read more

Choosing Your Doula Course

I started my life as a doula in 2012, and in 2020 I became a doula preparation course facilitator.  I undertook both of those trainings with the wonderful Developing Doulas. Every time I start to train a new cohort of enthusiastic and passionate new doulas I feel truly honoured to have these fantastic people under … Read more

We NEED More LGBTQIA Doulas!

Specialist course for people from the LGBTQIA community who wish to be doulas Hey there wonderful doulas in the making!  My name is Aimee and I am one of the DD course facilitators. Are you an aspiring doula who identifies as part of the LGBTQI family? We are offering a really exciting opportunity to train … Read more

Why being a London doula is just a little bit different…

Aimee offers a London doula course. DD are offering an in-person course in April 2021 in North London, and I get the honour of being your guide for this transformative and nurturing 5 days. So you are thinking about becoming a birth or post-natal doula and you live or intend to work in London, this … Read more

Choice is Like a Biscuit Selection Box

When my clients go to see an obstetrician they are often expecting a figurative offer of a cuppa and a biccie. A good host proffers the whole selection box, because to assume your guest likes only digestives is a bit presumptuous. But it rarely goes that way. What they more often get is no intelligent … Read more

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