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The System is Sick: Organisational Abuse in Maternity Care

Most of us would assume that only people can be abusive but sometimes a group, system or organisation is hit by a perfect storm, resulting in an environment that harms people. Ironically, it isn’t only the users or customers of that organisation that can be hurt; those within are harmed too. The whole becomes greater … Read more

Swiss mountains and lake

Postnatal care: the heart of Swiss

A Guest Post by DD Anija Jänes. We are honoured to host Anjia’s article and grateful that she has been able to find the time and energy to reflect upon, and write about, her postnatal care in Switzerland and how it contrasts with the care we routinely receive here in the UK. Read on to … Read more

It’s Not Fair: Mental Load and Emotional Labour

Maddie McMahon on the invisible work mothers have to do In twenty years of watching new families and listening to mothers, one aspect of family life has stood out to me: the emotional burden that mothers carry. Working women, business owners, highly regarded academics, busy mothers of many, teachers, mentors, friends doing all the practical … Read more

How To Be a Bad Mother: 10 ways to get better maternity care

Ok I admit it, I chose that title to get your attention. Now you’re here, let me explain. Right now, maternity services are in a state of collapse. Like all places of chaos, things can be pretty unpredictable – sometimes doulas see their clients getting top notch care and sometimes care can be slapdash, unkind, … Read more

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