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Godsibs, Gossip and Social Media

Have you heard the old story about the origins of doulas in the British Isles? We were once the ‘Sisters-in-God’; the village women who bustled around when a new baby was on the way. We would arrive, nattering in a good-natured way, shooing the menfolk out of the house as we tidied, organised, washed, cooked … Read more

Writing for Birthworkers: a workshop with Rebecca Schiller

Why would birthworkers need to write, I hear you ask? Or possibly, you’re already a few steps ahead of me and have already learned of the many and varied reasons doulas and midwives may need to put pen to paper. From articles in academic journals, memos to colleagues, website copy to emails to clients, the … Read more

Kerching! Doulas, Money and Judgement

I feel I have to say something because it’s been gnawing at me for a while. When I read and listen to conversations between doulas, when I hear midwives making judgements about doulas charging for their services it makes me sad. Here are some things I want to say: Yes, it’s ethical for doulas to … Read more

Words from one of our graduates – Daiany Katia Bradley

Back to Basics It has been a while since I have thought about what to write for my Developing Doula assignment. Like birth, I feel I can`t force things to happen and I understand I need to write about something I resonate and connect with. So this is going to be an openhearted reflection. These are my thoughts … Read more

Connected, by Lina Duncan, AKA Global Doula

As a newbie back to the UK and to the Doula world I’m excited and little nervous about what my journey will look like. Having completed a course two weeks back with Developing Doulas I’m fired up to keep the sparks burning. Meeting with like-minded women on a daily basis for five days we formed … Read more

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