Walking With Your Doula On The Beach

Maddie, the founder of Developing Doulas like to write poetry and prose, often on the themes of birth and parenting. You can read more of her work on her personal blog.

Sand and salt,
Salt and sand,
Heart exalts,
Take my hand.

Pebbles and stone,
Stone and pebbles,
Maiden and crone,
Radical rebels.

Waves and ripple,
Ripple and waves,
Goddess triple,
No longer slaves.

Rock and water,
Water and rock,
Walking with daughter
Along the dock.

Sail and swim,
Swim and sail,
Full to the brim
No longer frail.

Shout and sing
Sing and shout
Girl take wing
Dispell the doubt.

Sun and rain,
Rain and sun
Wash away pain
Oh beloved one.

Earth and air,
Air and earth
My love I swear
Goddess of birth.

Fire and flame
Flame and fire,
Banish shame
Sisters conspire.

Pain and power,
Power and pain,
Bloom like a flower
And rise again.

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