The Poetry of Self Worth

Here’s a lovely piece of work by a recent DD graduate.

The Value of a Doula

I hear you

I listen to your words, and I listen to your silences

Your hopes, your fears

Your beliefs and projections

Your future and past

Your unspoken/whispered/shouted words are welcome, heard and acknowledged

I see you

I see you, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as you are

My eyes are open to encompass all that you show me

The sharp corners and smooth curves, the wobbly bits and knotted scars

I accept you

I accept you in your entirety

I accept how you were yesterday, how you are today and how you will be tomorrow

Your failures and successes gain equal compassion here

Your choices are your own, and I will support them

I believe in you

And when you have been heard and seen and accepted

I hope that you will see how easy it is for me to believe in you

So that you will believe in yourself.

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